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YouTube Video review from EverydayTacticalVids

Posted by Josh on

Navy Seal - Seal Team Six Survival Kit.

In this video; Tim from Everyday Tactical Vids YouTube channel - reviews our Survival Kit that was designed to meet the specs of the Navy Seal - Seal Team Six Survival Kit.

Below are some of the points Tim covers in the video.

" What's up everybody Tim here from Everyday Tactical Vids. Today we're looking at this product that came to us from Precision Rifle Supply. I'll put a link down below to their website, so definitely head over there and check them out. This (Survival Kit) is the Suma Pro/Suma PSK Professional Personal Survival Kit." 

Navy Seal Survival Kit - Everyday Tactical Review

"Now the very cool thing about this survival kit is that it meets the specs for the survival kits that Navy Seals are carrying. There's a link down below to a Time Magazine article that talks about what Navy Seals carry in their survival kits, and this kit has all that stuff. Now with that said, I want to note that they've taken a couple of the more kind of contentious items out, like a lock pick set and a handcuff key; But you can buy those at other websites for relatively inexpensive prices. If you want a personal survival kit; that's excellent quality and is going to last you for a long time; you will want to check this out. So we're going to open it up, show you all the gear on the table here, and maybe you'll be interested in getting one of these from Precision Rifle Supply." 

"It comes in this nice khaki or tan nylon pouch. You get this little card, on the back it's got a picture of all the gear, and then it has a description of all the gear there as well. So it's nice to know, in case you forget what's actually in the kit; you don't have to take it apart, you can just look at the card." 

Navy Seal Survival Kit - Team 6 - Review

So you have these four items (fire starting cubes), This Survival Blanket and then your Paracord. The rest of the items are going to be inside this little "tin" (Suma Survival Kit Container). The majority of the items are going to be here in the Suma Container. We are covering the Large Suma Pro Kit, and there's also a smaller version of Suma Pro Kit. There are just a couple differences. The size of the Suma Survival Kit Container being the main difference. The small Suma container is 2.5"x4"x1.5", whereas the large Suma container is 3"x5"x1.5". Also, in this large kit you're going to get two additional FastFire Fire Starting cubesThe type 3 Nylon cord, a folding razor blade, a nicer Baseplate Compass, Two more water purification tabs, and an additional 9"x10" waterproof bag.

"First let's discuss the container; this is anodized; so you can put this in the fire. You can boil water; you can cook stuff in it, and it's not going to be chipping off and getting metal into your meal. It does have the lid here, with this hook and loop on the top, and then you've got these straps; So that you can put stuff in there, and it's not going to fall out. It's sturdy enough you can even dig with it. If you found something you needed to carry around; you could put it in here (Suma Container). I saw this and immediately thought of boiling water, cooking food, and making Char-cloth.

The bag Nylon Bag that it came it; You can carry stuff in this; like If you found a bunch of wild edibles, this would be an excellent way to carry them.

The Para-Cord or officially called Type 3 Nylon Cord is one of the most dynamic inclusions of the kit and comes with a small non-weight-bearing carabiner; that is useful for a multitude of survival and bushcraft related tasks. An "astronaut" or emergency blanket has incredible versatility; will reflect heat back to your body, and you can make small shelters with it. You get four FastFire cubes to get a fire started. Two water bags or waterproof bags of two different sizes. "I love this idea" after, finding a water source you have something to transport the water, to prepare it for consumption by boiling in the Suma Container or by using the included water purification tablets.

Included is some triple antibiotic ointment, along with some cotton pads for medical purposes or they make wonderful fire accelerants. Duct Tape, Emergency whistle. Many uses for the folding razor such as skinning game animals, for gutting fish, or for removing small things from your skin by scraping with the tip of the blade. A little light for looking around in the dark or is also very effective for signaling purposes.

The compass included is the baseplate type with attached lanyard to prevent loss, The baseplate feature makes it much easier to use for navigation with a map, and measurement purposes It's much better than an average button compass. 

A personal medical vial for including any medications that you choose. A couple very useful safety pins. A fishing and sewing kit with fourteen-pound test line, fish hooks, fishing lures, and some bait. A small Multi-tool inside a protective ranger band to keep it from making noise in the Kit. (can also be used as a fire accelerant). The multi-tool has pliers, wire cutters, small blade, Philips head screwdriver bit, flat head screwdriver bit, a little pair of tweezers, a file, and a small flathead screwdriver/bottle opener. Wire for snaring and other purposes. Four Tinder-Quik Tabs for fire starting purposes. Several waterproof UCO matches. A can opener that can also be used to scrape the Ferrocerium Rod, and make tinder if needed. A large sewing needle. Also, included is a length of Kevlar line that has a multitude of uses. Pencil with an eraser. You also get a little hacksaw blade for escape and evasion purposes, and it doubles as a ferrocerium rod scraping/fire making tool.

Five pieces of Waterproof paper for map sketches, and notes. A signal mirror with two sides one for daytime signaling and one for night time use with the reflective Solas tape. The mirror is also useful for looking around corners with a stick in urban survival environments, or for visualizing hard to see areas of your body for medical and other purposes. A magnifying lens for starting fires with the sun and reading the small print on maps.

Tim gave a lot of other information about the kit and seemed to be happy with the overall quality of the Survival Kit and the fact that it all easily fit back into the containers after the review. He also noted that the it has room for several additional items that the end user may want to include. He notes that a Survival Knife would also be an essential addition.

Tim's final thoughts

" I really like this Survival Kit! I like the fact that the kit is based on a Survival Kit that real Operators in the military are using." "Real guys, in the real world, that might truly need a survival kit are saying this is what they want in a survival kit; These are the items we need in our survival kit."

Tim, Thank you for reviewing the Solkoa version of the Navy Seal Spec -Survival Kit for our website - Josh Eldred, VP - PRS Inc.

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