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Survival Kit Buyers Guide

Posted by Josh on

A typical survival kit contains items that can be broken up into eight life-saving survival tasks. Signal, Navigation, Fire, Shelter, Tools, Medical, Water, and Food. When choosing a survival kit, many factors can be considered. Where will the survival kit be kept? Where will the survival items likely be used (desert, tropical, urban, or other)? Best case scenario the survival kit will be on your person at all times. For this type of survival kit; The weight of the overall survival container and items should be more of a consideration. Kits in service for other applications such as; One in each vehicle and any bag used during activities such as hunting, hiking, rafting, or traveling abroad. This type of survival kit might take on a much different look and contain many more items. In these cases; organization of the survival items may become a factor.

Buying a Survival kit from Precision Rifle Supply

Each of the survival kits available on our website can be used in many scenarios. Some of the kits may be better suited to certain applications. The SUMA Pro - Survival Kits are the lightest complete survival kit and are intended to be carried in pockets, or first line gear such as a plate carrier, or an everyday carry bag. The SUMA Containers are generally crush proof and ultra light having a tremendous functionality to weight and bulk ratio. Making the Suma Pro - Survival Kit a top choice among professionals around the world. The components were selected based on a solicitation for a Seal Team Survival kit by the - Naval Special Warfare Development Group. (citation below)

When choosing the best items for a survival kit, consideration of the size and weight of each item should be a factor. A survival kit can easily get large, heavy, and expensive. The best survival kit is the one you have during an emergency. Researching components reveals that many times these complete Survival Kits are the most cost effective way of obtaining the needed survival items. Many of the components in these well thought-out survival kits, include items that can be used for multiple survival tasks. The survival items were selected to give the end user maximum functionality for each of the high-quality items. The items found in a typical store, are a poor comparison to many of the purpose built survival items found at Precision Rifle Supply. Although no Survival kit can be comprehensive of every scenario; Every effort was made to make these kits the best choice for our customers.


First consider the container a survival accessories will be kept in. For a kit that will be carried every day; The survival container must be very durable and ideally be versatile for survival tasks like boiling water, cooking, and maybe even digging. One of the best options available is from Solkoa Survival. The SUMA container is a very light super durable container that is purpose designed for the survival container role. They come in two sizes and are constructed from ultra-light machined aluminum. "Virtually indestructible kit container machined from a solid block of aircraft-grade 6061 aluminum." This type of box is also well suited for protecting items from being crushed, lost, or damaged.


Being able the signal potential rescuers is essential when a user is lost or stranded. The items included will provide a variety of potential signaling options for use in differing situations and localities a user may be faced with. The contents might include a Hi-Visibility Signal Panel (some that double as a bag for water), a Day/Night Signaling Mirror, a Rescue Whistle, a strobe or other type of light, thing to make a Signal Fire with.


Items used for navigation that are included in a many survival kits are GPS, Batteries, Compass, Maps, Waterproof map bags, Paper, Pencil, Romer Scale, a Fresnel Magnification Lens.


Items for making a fire that are in a typical survival kit might include. (Many of these high-quality variations cannot be found in a typical store.) Ferrocerium high-energy sparking rod and a 3-inch hardened steel hacksaw blade (weighing only 1 oz), Fastfire Tinders, Stormproof Matches, Beeswax Candles, Wax-Cotton Tinder Tabs.


Many survival kits will include components necessary for building and providing shelter from all the elements during an unexpected night. Some items to consider; Heat Reflecting Blanket, 1.0 mil., Nylon Paracord, Type III, Duct Tape, 24 in. Flat Pack, Bug Repellent Wipes,

Sun Lotion Packs, Eye Pro, Wrap, 100% UV Block.


A survival kit cannot be complete without some tools. Many different tools can be included in a survival kit. Some items to consider are Knifes, Multi-Tools, Folding Saw - Metal Cutting, Repair Kit - Fabric, Nylon Paracord, Kevlar Line - 180 lbs test, Wire - Bailing, 20 ga., Duct Tape.


Some essential medical supplies can be included in Survival Kits; Consider the following short list. Adhesive Bandages - assorted, Antiseptics, Alcohol, Iodine, Antibiotic Ointment, Topical Ointment - Burn & Itch, Micro EMT Shears, Pain Relief Medications, Antihistamine, Anti-diarrheal, Electrolyte Tabs, Scalpel Blade, Duct Tape, 24 in. Flat Pack.


Essential to most survival kit are components necessary for obtaining, treating and storing water, Many options are available. Compact Water Filter, Water Purification Tabs, Water containers.


Some survival kits may include food, and or items essential to cooking processing food items.

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